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Five reasons we’re so excited by the new Renault 5 EV

Renault’s long-awaited follow up to the Zoe, is the even longer-awaited rebirth of the Renault 5.

The return of the iconic small car badge has been revealed in its final, showroom-ready form as an electric-only small car rivalling the MINI, Fiat 500 and BYD Dolphin. It’ll hit UK shores in early 2025.

Here are five of the new Renault 5’s best features…

1. Retro-modernist styling is faithful to original concept

Renault first toyed with bringing the famous name back in 2021 with the 5 E-Tech concept car – a cool, recognisable modern reimagining of the hugely popular small car sold between 1972 and 1996. We’re pleased to report that the production car is faithful to that neat concept, with the same sloping rear end and squat stance. One detail changed is the front lights, designed to give the 5 a facial expression. It’ll even ‘wink’ one of its eye-like headlights at you as you approach.

2. It’ll be very affordable yet practical

Renault has kept a tight rein on the budget when developing the new 5 so it can be cheaper than many alternatives. A target starting price of £25,000 (or less) when it arrives is promised, making it one of the cheapest electric cars on sale. Despite this, and the car’s length being just 3.92m, the new Renault 5 offers five doors, space for four adults and a 326-litre boot.

3. Two battery options give long range

At launch the Renault 5 will be available with either a 40kWh or 52kWh battery, with the possibility of having either battery with different trim levels. The smaller battery promises a range of up to 186 miles and 249 miles for the bigger one, making it very competitive with EV rivals and capable of both urban and long distance driving. Up to 100kW DC rapid charging and vehicle-to-load capability also features, as does a standard heat pump.

4. The interior is a cool place to sit

The interior of the new Renault 5 borrows cues from the rally-special Renault 5 Turbo, with digital dials and 10-inch infotainment screen enclosed in a chunky plastic shroud designed to mimic the analogue gauges of the old car. The seats feature recycled fabric with corduroy-style inserts, while there’s a denim fabric option and fabric dash trim – and there’s even a baguette holder giving the 5 a certain je ne sais quoi. French gimmicks aside, you also get modern tech including Google integration, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, of course.

5. It should be fun to drive

Renault claims driver appeal is at the heart of the new 5, which is why it gets advanced multi-link rear suspension – just like the MINI – to improve ride and handling over the usual torsion beam setup on small cars. Extensive efforts to reduce weight should help make it fun to drive, too, with the entry-level model weighing just 1,372kg. This model puts out 121bhp, while the bigger battery comes with 148bhp – enough for a 0-62mph time of under eight seconds.