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Construction begins at Markham Vale Electric Forecourt®

Construction is officially underway at our fifth Electric Forecourt® in Markham Vale, providing a world class electric vehicle charging facility seconds from the M1.

Located near Junction 29A, the new Electric Forecourt® will deliver vital charging for those travelling up and down the M1, as well as giving confidence to residents and local businesses to make the switch to electric.

When it opens, due to be this winter, it will more than double the number of public chargers in the area. And we know what an impact this can make – the areas around the award-winning Braintree and Norwich Electric Forecourts® recorded a sharp increase in EV uptake when they opened.

The Markham Vale site will be our fifth Electric Forecourt®, following Braintree, Norwich, London Gatwick and Stevenage (also currently under construction).

Flipping the switch on energy generation

Developing an Electric Forecourt® at Markham Vale is particularly interesting given the history of the site as a coal mine.

Markham Colliery opened in the 1880s, just as Karl Benz patented the very first car, and for the next century produced the coal that kept the area and country running before eventually closing in 1994.

Fast forward 30 years and it’ll once again be helping to power the country, but this time with net zero carbon energy.

Our site is part of the wider Markham Vale regeneration which began in 2004 under the guidance of Derbyshire County Council and landlords HBD, converting the former mine into a business and industrial hub and generating thousands of new jobs.

As well as helping decarbonise the UK transport sector, the Electric Forecourt® will help Derbyshire County Council meet its aims of reducing its own emissions to net zero by 2032, while helping the rest of Derbyshire reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.

Tell me more about the Markham Vale Electric Forecourt®

The Markham Vale Electric Forecourt® will follow the same blueprint as both Norwich and London Gatwick, where charging takes place under the building. This means we can provide a vast amount of charging on a compact site.

In total, we’ll have space for 30 electric vehicles to charge simultaneously, with High Power chargers capable of delivering up to 360kW, making it possible to add 100 miles of range in less than 10 minutes.

You’ll find multiple charging connectors that cater for all types of electric vehicles with contactless payment accepted, making it easier than ever to charge.

While charging, you’ll also be able to enjoy a coffee in the comfortable waiting lounge with free superfast WiFi, plus convenience retail, a children’s play area and a dedicated EV educational space to increase understanding and awareness around electric vehicles.

The Electric Forecourt® will include disabled parking, access ramps, accessible washrooms and lifts to all areas, making easy charging accessible to all.

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