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Meet our Electric Freightway consortium members – Boughey Distribution 

Boughey Distribution

Regardless of whether we’re talking about retail or manufacturing, healthcare or education, every part of our economy relies upon logistics to provide all the goods needed to generate business and growth.

While logistics businesses understand the urgency of the climate crisis and are keen to decarbonise operations, there must be viable solutions available. That’s why initiatives like Electric Freightway, and progressive hauliers like Boughey Distribution, are critical to showcasing a different path and advancing change.

Who is Boughey Distribution?

Boughey Distribution is one of the UK’s leading logistics providers to the food industry and works with some of the best-known brands including Tesco, Aldi and Sainsbury’s.

Founded in 1964, the company today employs more than 850 people, enjoys a £70m+ turnover and operates a fleet of 150+ vehicles and 350 curtain-sided trailers from its three large-scale facilities in North West England.

Why choose Boughey Distribution?

Because the company is already making long-term sustainability commitments and efficiency gains throughout its entire operation.

Sarah Hall, the company’s ESG & Quality Manager, is responsible for driving multiple initiatives that are today minimising the company’s carbon footprint, including rooftop-mounted solar, EV charging and shuttle bus services for employees, not to mention recycling everything from used truck tyres to trailer curtains.

Sarah Hall, Boughey Distribution

Boughey Distribution is also well versed in supporting Government-funded programmes. It currently holds one of the 2,000 issued licences to trial extended length trailers which can accommodate two to four additional pallets; meaning increased loads can effectively lead to fewer delivery vehicles required on the road.

It has also adopted so-called ‘double deck’ trailers, which further increase logistics economies of scale, while the company’s shunt vehicles – designed to move trailers into position at the depot – now run exclusively on hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO), generating 90% fewer emissions than a diesel-powered motor.

How will Boughey Distribution be involved?

Boughey Distribution has recently achieved B Corp certification. It’s a milestone that is a true testament to the company’s dedication to being a responsible business for its stakeholders and the environment. Electric or ‘eHGVs’ will help Boughey achieve its wider goals, although this isn’t the company’s first foray into electrification.

Last year, Boughey added a single eHGV to its fleet, but it will be using the Electric Freightway programme to acquire further demonstrator vehicles to monitor performance and efficiency across a wider range of routes. The success or otherwise of the programme will help Boughey’s management decide how fast it can decarbonise its 150+ vehicles.

The company also acknowledges that driver training will be as critical as the vehicles and infrastructure. Boughey Distribution already uses a fleet driver management system, which tracks any driver and vehicle activity that negatively impacts on fuel consumption and translates into weekly driver performance grades. In 2023, the compliance team was able to use driver training to remedy some of those behaviours to develop a 2.1% improvement on MPG, saving the equivalent of 643 tonnes of CO2.

We’re looking forward to working with Boughey Distribution and seeing these efficiency improvements being put into practice for the benefit of everybody.