Helping developers drive new business revenue

The UK Government’s decision to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars in 2030 is already shifting buying behaviour and consumer-focussed retailers are responding with the provision of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Hosting a GRIDSERVE Electric Hub on your premises is a low risk and cost-effective way to help deliver the best EV charging experience for your customers while unlocking new revenue opportunities.

Leverage our award-winning network

The GRIDSERVE Electric Highway is an award-winning, nationwide EV charging network that already covers more than 80% of the UK’s motorway service areas. Our charging network is powered exclusively by sustainable energy, is fully accessible, accepts contactless payment and is well supported across the industry’s leading charging apps, including Zap-Map.

The EV revolution is here. Are you ready?

As a company, we are ensuring that all corners of the UK can benefit from the EV revolution and are fully committed to accelerating our network expansion across major metropolitan areas and regional corridors. We continue to want to work with innovative business partners that share our vision for electrifying transport and delivering a more equitable and sustainable future in the process.

Why install EV chargers at your location

GRIDSERVE EV charging hubs are industry-leading and prominently listed on all major EV charging maps, helping raise awareness around your destination to new drivers.

Industry research shows that the installation of EV chargers in prominent areas of retail, leisure or service area sites helps to increase customer dwell time, customer retention and average spend per customer.

GRIDSERVE is the only charge point provider investing in its own hybrid solar farms to power its EV charging network. Your support of this net zero carbon infrastructure will improve Corporate Social Responsibility metrics and be recognised by your customers and commercial tenants.

Partnering with an EV charging specialist means you can invest without any up-front CapEx. In a fully-funded model, GRIDSERVE pays for the design, planning, construction, operation and maintenance of your site.

As we continue to experience double-digit annual growth in electric vehicle registrations, our reliance on public EV charging will only increase – particularly for the estimated 40% of UK drivers who have no ability to charge at home.

GRIDSERVE is proudly working with


Mollie’s is a growing family of restaurants that are modernising the classic American diner experience, albeit with better coffee and a suitably British twist. The company required a scalable and sustainably-powered EV charging solution, so we developed a future-proofed folio of EV chargers that support both restaurant goers and overnight residents at the adjacent Mollie’s Motel.

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Dobbies Garden Centres

Dobbies was originally founded in 1865 and is today the UK’s leading garden centre retailer. The company continues to push its environmentally-friendly credentials, with initiatives including peat-free compost, biodegradable planters and EV charging stations to be installed across its most popular sites, from Aberdeen to Ashford.

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We want to work with you

If you are a landowner considering adding EV charging facilities to your property, help us enhance our national network, address the climate emergency and make your sites more competitive and profitable in the process. Simply answer a few questions and our team of developers can advise on the best solution for you.

The GRIDSERVE development process

Whether you’re planning a new commercial development or regenerating an existing site, our team of specialists will leverage their experience across a variety of national partners to advise on the best way forward for your needs. After agreeing a separate grid connection for the Electric Hub, we’ll prepare electrical and mechanical drawings for sign-off with you and the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and agree contracts.

We commit to a groundworks and installation timeframe that minimises disruption to your site and enlist zero emissions construction machinery where possible to reduce noise and emissions.

Once operational, our support team will remotely monitor all charging sessions and frequently conduct physical site inspections. Our aftercare line and roaming service teams are available 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s part of our commitment to industry-leading standards for uptime and maintenance.

Why partner with GRIDSERVE

The GRIDSERVE Electric Highway is the best UK public charging network according to WhatCar? and powers more than 100,000 EV charging sessions each month. We can help your customers enjoy the best possible charging experience, improving loyalty, dwell time and spend.

Not only do we develop and design all of our projects, we construct, operate, manage and maintain them with our in-house team of specialists. Landowners also get to work with a dedicated project lead, making the development and management process even easier.

Whether it’s providing different EV charging speeds for different parking needs or combining solar canopy systems and battery storage to enforce local grid connections; we have a portfolio of assets and a solutions-focussed team that can make anything possible.

We don’t believe in ‘set it and forget it’. Once any site is operational, our team of engineers are devoted to maintaining an industry-leading reliability rating, making continual upgrades and investments in the field to ensure our charging units stay best in class.

Our purpose at GRIDSERVE is to deliver sustainable energy solutions on such a scale that we can move the needle on climate change. To achieve this, we are building the most advanced hybrid solar + battery farms to power our emerging electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

How much land do I need for it to have GRIDSERVE development potential?

A GRIDSERVE Electric Super Hub contains anywhere from 6 to 24 High Power EV charging bays, so for that set-up, you’re looking at a minimum of 100m² of land to facilitate. Remember, it isn’t just the EV charging bays that need to be considered within the planning proposal, hence why the land parcel may often be larger.

What sort of partners is GRIDSERVE looking for?

We work with commercial landowners from a variety of industries, including forecourt operators, restaurants, retail and leisure outlets. What connects them all is their strong links to busy A roads or motorway junctions, as well as immediate access to food and retail amenities. Plots of land adjacent to these sorts of sites are also desirable, so we’d love to hear from you.

How is landlord income defined?

Landlord income is tailored to the specific needs of each partner. For example, we could agree a base rental rate and or a percentage share from yearly charging sessions, based on our predictive analysis. It’s a discussion we’re happy to have.

We want to work with you

If you are a landowner considering adding EV charging facilities to your property, help us enhance our national network, address the climate emergency and make your site more competitive and profitable in the process. Simply answer a few questions and our team of developers can advise on the best solution for you.

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the size of the EV charging hub and availability of grid power, of course, but typically from a signed contract, GRIDSERVE can have an EV charging site operational within 12 months.

We believe everybody can and should benefit from the electric vehicle revolution, which is why we’re making our EV charging infrastructure accessible to all types of drivers. While CCS is becoming the dominant connector type in new cars, we will continue to offer provision for CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, in the same way we want to offer charging bays for all vehicle types, from cars to vans, motorcycles to motorhomes.

We’re already future-proofing our sites with industry-leading High Power chargers – these can provide a maximum 350kW capacity, much higher than required by an EV on sale today. Partners can rest assured that when the technology does evolve, GRIDSERVE will continue to be at the forefront of this industry.

The benefit of having an EV charging site maintained and managed by GRIDSERVE is that we take on any of the associated risks and provide public liability insurance. So, while it’s advisable to keep your insurer and other partners up to speed on your development, you won’t be required to arrange additional insurance.