We are looking for UK land to grow our sustainable network. We offer up to £5,000 in referral rewards* and a generous lifetime income for landowners.


Welcome to your electric future

Packed with clean energy and the fastest car charging in the UK, the Electric Forecourt® represents the future of road travel and it’s happening now.

You can plug in and spend your dwell time relaxing, shopping or learning about EVs. Over the next five years, we plan to build more than 100 Electric Forecourts® across the UK. We also plan to support this with a host of additional charging infrastructure to help our nation drive electric.

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Our flagship Electric Forecourt® is packed with so much more than the
fastest charging in the UK.

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Charging for
busy people

We know your time is precious, so our DC 350kW high power chargers take around 30 minutes to deliver a full charge on enabled vehicles. ​

  • DC Chargers – up to 350kW
  • DC Chargers – up to 90kW
  • AC Chargers – up to 22kW
  • TESLA Superchargers 

A network of charging options

Electric Forecourts®

Our flagship Electric Forecourt® is packed with so much more than the fastest charging in the UK.


A reliable network of high-speed charging hubs with 6, 12, or 18 charging bays just where you need them.


Smart home charging solutions complete with installation that offer safe and reliable home charging.


A suite of vehicle, charging, and energy solutions to help businesses make the switch to electric.

When it comes to charging
we are plugged in.

To drive the uptake of electric vehicles, and reduce carbon emissions, we bring together exhilarating ideas, revolutionary technology and industry leading expertise. 

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Power with principles

By capturing the sun’s energy at our solar farms, we offset the power used at our charging networks with 100% renewable and sustainably generated electricity.

GRIDSERVE gives you the power to make a difference.

Our Gift to the World

We are not going to give you a meaningless free gift
We are not going to give you empty promises either.
We are giving the planet 100 trees for every car we lease.
Custodians of the world, think differently.