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Introducing the newest and fastest High Power charger on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway

Say hello to our newest High Power charger: the ABB Terra 360.

First trialled at our Braintree Electric Forecourt® back in October 2022, we’re now rolling it out at our latest  Electric Super Hubs across the network, including Northampton South, Southwaite North/South and Toddington North/South.

The Terra 360 is capable of a maximum output of 360kW (the clue is in the name), and that’s good for adding 100 miles in less than five minutes (or a full charge in as little as 15 minutes) for cars equipped with the fastest charging tech.

That makes it the fastest and most powerful commercially available charger.

At each of our new sites, you’ll find three Terra 360s with two charging bays per unit. That’s because they have so much power, we can charge two cars from one unit (known as dual charging) without negatively impacting your charging speed.

It allows us to roll out High Power charging faster than ever before with fewer units installed and less cabling – vital for meeting the growing demand of EV charging infrastructure.

Each Terra 360 unit features two CCS connectors with long cables to aid accessibility and, as with all our chargers on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, are set up for contactless payment.

It means despite the advanced technology it’s still as simple as ever to charge with GRIDSERVE. Whether you’re using one of our Low Power AC units, a Medium Power charger or a High Power one, you simply plug in, tap your card and away you go.

There’s also a cool new feature on these chargers that allows you to see charger availability from a distance thanks to the innovate LED light bars.

The top light will display as green when the charger is free or white if it’s currently being used. You may occasionally see red and this means there’s an issue with the charger and stops you pulling into a bay and finding it out of service (we’ll get it back online as soon as possible thanks to our nationwide rapid response teams).

When the charger is free the side light will also be green. Plug in, and this will turn blue and show ‘state of charge‘ – a fancy way of saying how full your battery is.

It means you can see from your coffee spot how charged your car is, as well as seeing at busy sites who is nearly topped up and will be leaving soon.