Off-grid energy
Power anywhere

With a modular and flexible design, our units and add-ons can be configured in an infinite number of ways

Our remote power series helps businesses achieve decarbonisation initiatives successfully, affordably and efficiently

Dirty, costly diesel generators are now a thing of the past. Our HVO generators cut emissions without compromising performance
Off-grid energy

A total powerhouse

Our Solar Energy Centres (SECs) are like miniature power stations with a modular design that integrates solar, energy storage, remote monitoring and a back-up generator. They’re perfect for providing clean power to work sites that are off the grid, base transceiver stations that operate in remote locations or industrial machinery that is too reliant on volatile grid connections.

The systems can be scaled to support infrastructure projects, too, including bolstering grid capacity for road or railway projects, or powering remote research stations.

Off-grid energy

Modular, robust and compatible

Our modular design offers a dependable, affordable and sustainable energy source for almost any location.

It holds its own in high temperatures and extreme weather conditions, uses military-grade security and features user-friendly software that can be integrated with additional energy sources.

Building tailormade sustainable solutions

Our Solar Energy Centres (SECs) have served a variety of customers in telecommunications, infrastructure, hospitality and even film and TV. What we’ve discovered is that no request is similar. Whether you’re looking to deliver 100kW or 1MW, on a mountain or to be installed for a singular event, every system is designed to suit your specific requirements.

What's in the box?

Single battery bay

Includes an Aluzinc steal enclosure with built-in security systems and air conditioning.

Dual battery bay

Serves higher loads with double door front access, air conditioning and free cooling systems.

Solar canopies

Optimised solar PV layouts are tailored to site size to improve output energy per day.


Key benefits

Modular design provides the building blocks to best suit your energy needs.

User-friendly software for easy collaboration with partners.

Cloud-based remote monitoring for full network control from any device.

Robustly tested systems to ensure reliability in any environment.

GRIDSERVE provides installation experts on the ground which can help with follow-on service.


We want you to feel supported at every stage.

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