EV test drive programme launches at GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourts®

  • UK’s only permanent multi-brand EV test driving and leasing programme launches at GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourts® in Braintree and Norwich
  • Brand neutral EV leasing service allows customers to test drive a variety of the best-selling models in each location
  • Impartial EV experts on hand to help simplify the transition from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to Electric Vehicle (EV)
July 13, 2022

GRIDSERVE Car Leasing, the electric vehicle (EV) and sustainable charging specialist, is launching a new EV test drive programme that seeks to make it even easier for consumers to experience electric and make the switch.

Launching at GRIDSERVE’s Electric Forecourts® in Braintree and Norwich, it is the only test drive programme of its kind in the UK that enables drivers to experience the most popular EVs from multiple brands, receive impartial advice, learn about EV charging solutions and explore leasing offers, all in one place.

This one-stop solution will save interested customers time, so they no longer have to visit multiple car showrooms to test drive the latest models. The test drives are bookable online at so that customers can choose a time and date that suits them, with back-to-back test drives possible. This gives drivers a chance to compare and contrast brands, ask for advice and, ultimately, find the best car for them.

The programme is being launched on July 16th at GRIDSERVE’s first EV Awareness Day of 2022 and drivers are invited to book a test drive in a range of cars, including the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, Polestar 2, Mercedes EQB and the Nissan Leaf. GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourts® welcome all drivers and their friends and families to visit and find out more about EV Leasing and sustainable EV charging, including the latest offers from the company’s specialist leasing consultants. It really is a one-stop shop to test, lease and charge.

Robert Buckland, Sales and Operations Director from GRIDSERVE Car Leasing, said: “All the best car reviewers test drive cars back-to-back before they come to their expert verdicts, and we think customers should get the same best-in-class experience. Our new test drive programme gives customers the chance to select vehicles and experience their very own electric car group test, following in the footsteps of Hammond, Clarkson, or the latest reviewers from What Car? as they choose their next car. Regardless of whether our customers are experienced experts or brand new to EVs, the GRIDSERVE Car Leasing team will be on hand to help customers make the best choice for them.”

With rising fuel costs and the impending end-of-sale of new petrol or diesel-fuelled vehicles, there is growing demand from drivers to learn more about driving electric and the benefits of leasing over traditional car ownership. Leasing provides a cost-effective entry route into an electric car without the long-term commitment. With fixed monthly payments, no depreciation concerns and optional maintenance plans, leasing is a hassle and worry-free way to take a step into this new technology.  Additional financial benefits of electric car leasing are revealed when drivers compare the total cost of ownership of an electric vehicle with an equivalent petrol or diesel vehicle.

For every new car GRIDSERVE leases, the company commits to planting 100 trees, although the ecological and environmental benefits go much further. Thanks to the GRIDSERVE Electrc Highway – a national network of EV chargers – EV drivers will be actively participating in the company’s Sun-to-Wheel energy ecosystem. All EV charging infrastructure is powered by net zero carbon energy, with the company’s hybrid solar farms contributing directly to that net zero energy mix.

To book an EV test drive, visit


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GRIDSERVE is a tech-enabled sustainable energy business whose purpose is to deliver sustainable energy and move the needle on climate change. It has pioneered a Sun-to-Wheel ecosystem that includes the most advanced hybrid solar + battery farms, award-winning electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and a customer-centric electric vehicle leasing platform.